IVERMECTIN: The Immediate Need For Authorisation as Treatment For Covid-19

Professor Sharon Lewin,
The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity,
Professor of Medicine,
The University of Melbourne

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty
The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity.

Hi Sharon

1.   I happened to see your interview yesterday morning (Mon 26 Oct) on ABC TV Breakfast News regarding COVID-19. As it was about 6:00 AM (Qld time), I had just woken up so I wasn’t fully conscious. Consequently, I missed most of the points you addressed. This I regret because I have been privately studying certain aspects of the SARS-CoV-2 infection over the last few months, & am very interested in the subject. My study has been comprehensive as I am happily retired with plenty of spare time & with an intense interest in human health, especially my health, for the last 40+ years. I need to briefly explain my health situation in more detail as it is indirectly linked to the reason why I am contacting you, so please bear with me.

2.   I am extremely healthy especially for a 74yo male, BP 120/80, BMI 24.5, & haven’t had a common cold for more than 30 years. I take absolutely no medication & haven’t done so since about 1999 when I somehow caught a mild case of bacterial pneumonia while visiting France (too much low quality French wine I guess) & needed a prescription of antibiotics as treatment. I pride myself in having an extremely capable immune system as I treat it very carefully with Vit-C, zinc, raw garlic, ginger, lemon & cherries, Hemp Oil (non THC grown in Tasmania) etc. Consequently, I was disappointed that my immune system was unable to resolve this inconvenience of frequent coughing & mild breath shortness after a week or so. I was doubly disappointed in having to use an antibiotic as a cure.

3.   I am very aware of the misuse of antibiotics, in part via the excessive & inappropriate prescriptions which is creating an enormous problem with bacterial immunity. This gives me good reason to avoid any antibiotic, plus the fact that it will have a detrimental effect on the friendly, beneficial bacteria in my system, which I have been carefully nurturing over the years.

4.   Notwithstanding this mild pulmonary problem of years ago, I consider that my general health & my immune system are in such good condition that should I now become infected with COVID-19, that I would have little if no problem in quickly recovering, but perhaps with some assistance from extra amounts of my traditional health foods such as Vit-C, zinc, raw garlic, ginger, etc, etc.

5.   Now, I am not a particularly conservative person, but I don’t believe in taking unnecessary risks. Consequently, even though I’m a good driver who hasn’t had a vehicle accident since I was a teenager, I still have motor vehicle insurance to cover the risk of me having an accident, no matter how minor that risk may be. Similarly, I would like to have some way of ensuring my full recovery at home should I become infected with COVID-19 & find that my immune system is unable to cure me without any assistance from some form of medication.

6.   Should this situation develop, my health will probably deteriorate rather rapidly. I am single & live alone in a slightly isolated area of Qld. I will probably be too sick to find a doctor to assess me & to write me a script, then to find a pharmacy to fill the script. Consequently, I need the COVID-19 curative medication NOW, so that I have it on hand for immediate use when & if the moment arises. This is my form of insurance in case I do become infected with COVID-19. It is a practical & reasonable solution.

7.   After considerable study over the last few months, of possible COVID-19 curative medications, I have chosen IVERMECTIN (IVM). [My second choice is HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE]. Some 40 years of extensive use of IVM in various parts of the world as an anti-parasitic have confirmed its incredible safety, with no side-effects that are of any real consequence. This establishes it as already being far safer than any quickly developed vaccine that MIGHT be released onto the Australian market by mid 2021 at the earliest. It also satisfies one of the two major intentions of a clinical trial, so it nullifies the need for a clinical trial on this matter.

8.   Further to this superb safety aspect of IVM, it has been shown in various parts of the world, to be marvellously successful in rapidly curing individuals who are COVID-19 infected. In some cases, the patients were so badly affected by the infection that they were in hospital & on a respirator or supplemental oxygen, AND the majority of patients in this critical situation were above 60 years of age, the recognised danger zone for death by Coronavirus. Many patients in these circumstances who were not fortunate enough to receive IVM, ended up dying. In summary,  IVM has been recorded as saving numerous lives under various circumstances throughout the world.

9.   Admittedly, these impressive results have been documented via observational studies (anecdotal experiences) & not via the approved Clinical Trials procedures. Clinical Trials may be well and good under normal circumstances, but a COVID-19 pandemic is NOT a normal circumstance by any measure. To suggest that a medication such as IVM should undergo a standard Clinical Trial before it is approved for treatment of COVID-19 infection is  preposterous given the above impressive results. Additionally, IVM could be IMMEDIATELY used to cure patients who are now infected with COVID-19, & patients who will become infected in the future.

10.   Even for those patients who may be capable of recovering without IVM, its use will increase the rate of recovery. To not provide any IVM will certainly increase the chance of death for patients above 60 years of age.

11.   At this very moment, the ability to treat any Australian patient infected with COVID-19 as discussed above, is not possible due to the fact that IVM is not listed by the TGA as a medication that is approved for use with COVID-19 infection. Further, this limitation has been reinforced by warnings to everyone authorised to issue prescriptions, not to prescribe IVM for COVID-19.

12.   Such an edict shows a callous disregard for the welfare of every Australian citizen who very well may become a  COVID-19 infected patient & who will need IVM to hasten his/her recovery, to hasten his/her return to a normal lifestyle, to return to work etc. This arrogant lack of empathy becomes even more extreme when that Australian citizen is above 60 years of age, & who very well may die without the use of IVM to aid recovery.

13.   There is little doubt that the horrific death toll of infected Seniors earlier this year, especially those trapped in aged care homes, would have been considerably reduced or possibly even eradicated altogether if IVM had been prescribed. This situation will continue in the future if IVM is not made IMMEDIATELY available. It will also allow Australians such as myself to legitimately acquire IVM for the purpose described above. It is annoying & an infringement on my human rights, that I should be denied the ability to purchase a benign medication like IVM for the totally legitimate reason of ensuring my safety in the event of becoming infected with COVID-19.

14.   Should the authorities truly believe that IVM is a dangerous medication when used to combat COVID-19, then those authorities could issue a general warning to the Australian public in this regard & advise that using IVM is totally at the risk of the user. In addition, the signing of a waiver form could be established as an additional requirement, but MY RIGHT TO ACQUIRE IVM TO MAINTAIN MY HEALTH SHOULD NOT BE DENIED!

25.   Any individual who is employed as an authority within the Australian Government, either Federal or State, & who in the past has been involved in establishing or maintaining legislation that prevents ready access to IVERMECTIN for use in treating COVID-19 infection, or who will continue that restriction in the future, will be guilty of the crime of negligence in that the defendant, by neglecting to make the medication IVERMECTIN available to the Australian public to combat COVID-19:

25.1.   contributed to the death of Xxxxx Yyyyy; OR

25.2.   contributed to the trauma of a prolonged recovery from COVID-19 infection of Xxxxx Yyyyy; OR

25.3.   contributed to the loss of employment once held by Xxxxx Yyyyy due to the prolonged recovery from COVID-19 infection of Xxxxx Yyyyy;

25.4.   etc, etc.

26.   Besides such charges applying to any individual who is an authority within the Australian Government, it could also apply to any individual who is an authority in any other offical body which has advised the Australian Government to establish or to maintain restrictions on IVERMECTIN with regard to its use to treat COVID-19 infection.

27.   Sharon, your personal & employment details are provided in the following website:

27.1.   https://www.doherty.edu.au/people/professor-sharon-lewin

28.   The website lists your many achievements & awards, for which I heartily congratulate you. It also establishes that you are involved in the research of infectious diseases, particularly HIV, AIDS and the hepatitis B virus. At no point is there any reference to SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19 or similar terms, except indirectly by the words “infectious diseases”.

29.   I know however, that you are an expert in the new SARS-CoV-2 virus as a result of seeing:

29.1.   the earlier mentioned 26 Oct interview on ABC TV regarding COVID-19;

29.2.   a number of quotes by you in The Sydney Morning Herald article titled: “Coronavirus: What does COVID-19 do to humans and what is it like to have the illness?” by Sherryn Groch dated 08 May 2020; &

29.3.   a few video clips involving you on YouTube.

30.   Given your expertise regarding the COVID-19 virus, may I ask you to comment on any of my assertions above. Any comment would be welcome, regardless of whether that comment is negative or positive. I would especially welcome your comments on:

30.1.   legally making IVERMECTIN readily available to the Australian public to treat any COVID-19 infection; &

30.2.   whether you or any other authority in your laboratory or in The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, or the University of Melbourne, or any similar entity with which you are familiar, has been involved with advising any relevant Government authority regarding the restriction of IVERMECTIN in treating COVID-19; &

30.3.   whether you or any similar authority or individual who is currently involved in the development of any COVID-19 vaccine, or the development of any medication intended to treat a patient infected with COVID-19, is willing to make a declaration that if you have suggested restricting access of IVERMECTIN for treatment of COVID-19 infection, that it has been done because you truly believe it is a dangerous medication if used in this fashion, & not because you believe it poses a threat to the success of the vaccine or medication which your laboratory is developing because it is cheap, safe, efficacious &/or immediately available.

30.4.   In the event you are willing to make a declaration as detailed in paragraph 30.3, or have made such a declaration, & given that development of the vaccine may prevent its release until mid 2021 & possibly even later, please advise how in the mean time, an infected individual may be treated successfully with any medication that is as safe, as efficacious, as cheap & as readily available as IVERMECTIN would be if the current restrictions were rescinded.

31.   Regarding paragraph 30.2 above, my aim is not to conduct a witch hunt with the intention of having any potential defendant charged under one of a number of Class Actions that are currently under development. Rather, my aim is to have this individual or these individuals change their minds & then to advise the Government to immediately make IVERMECTIN available to the Australian public for the treatment of COVID-19 infection.

32.   My intentions regarding IVERMECTIN are totally honourable & altruistic in that I wish to make IVERMECTIN readily available to every Australian citizen who may become or has recently become infected with COVID-19. I hereby declare that in no way am I involved in any company or any other organisation that manufacturers or sells IVERMECTIN, or is otherwise involved in IVERMECTIN for the purpose of financial gain. As a result, I declare that I do not stand to gain financially or by the receipt of any gift or by any similar activity, because of my promotion of IVERMECTIN.

33.   Futher documents by me regarding IVERMECTIN, & certain articles by other individuals are available below under the heading Gumshoenews URLs. My Gumshoenews UserName is RWA. Even more articles on this subject are available at the Gumshoenews web site.

34.   Sharon, I trust you can see from the details that I have provided in this document, & in my Gumshoenews documents, that I am genuine in trying to have IVERMECTIN made readily available for use by the Australian public to treat COVID-19 infection. In addition, by using IVERMECTIN in an appropriate manner, the need for Lockdowns & associated procedures should quickly disappear, thereby eradicating the terrible devastation that is being created by these procedures on the community’s mental health, its finacial security, & the very economy of Australia.

35.   Sharon, I trust you are able to see that I am genuine in my mission, & that I have put a considerable amount of time & effort into the preparation of this document & those referenced below. Consequently, I ask you to treat myself (& my efforts) with the respect I deserve by providing a response to the points raised above. I sincerely trust this document will not be treated with disdain & consigned to the electronic folder titled “Bin”.

Best regards & hoping to hear from you very soon.


Gumshoenews URLs







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