BOOM — Scomo’s Vax Company AstraZeneca Fined $4.3M for Improper Payments to Reward and Influence

by Dee McLachlan

Well here we go — all over again. The pattern repeats.

The government rushes — probably under instruction — to a vaccine manufacturer and announces that all will be well… soon. You’ll be allowed out of your homes after you’ve been jabbed. This was reported about Scomo in yesterday:

“The Morrison Government today confirmed the landmark agreement with drug giant AstraZeneca to manufacture more than 25 million doses of the promising Oxford University vaccine if it proves safe to use. Mr Morrison subsequently told 3AW that the vaccine, if distributed in Australia, would ‘be as mandatory as you can possibly make it‘.”


The Prime Minister and Health Minister Greg Hunt seem to be hanging our hopes on 10 people?  To quote Bloomberg:

“The Phase 1 human trial, which took place between April 23 and May 21, involved 1,077 healthy adults aged 18 to 55 with no history of Covid-19. A control group were given a meningitis vaccine as a placebo and 10 participants received two doses of the shot one month apart. The vaccine caused minor side effects, which could be reduced by taking paracetamol. There were no serious adverse events from the jab.

“10 participants” and “There were no serious adverse events.” (And it is alleged the 10 had accentuated immune levels before the trial.) Do we start laughing now or later?

Also, please describe the not so serious adverse events. And why in the world would paracetamol be required?

You are playing with our live sirs.

Thankfully, the PM’s comments brought out social opposition, as described at the end of this article.

But that aside — this choice seems to be another bungled decision. We find out now that all has not been kosha with this company. As I said, here we go again. The government has identified and chosen a prospective vaccine manufacturer — AstraZeneca — a company that has been previously convicted of improperly influencing and rewarding health care providers to use their products.

In what way might they have “influenced” the Morrison government?

You see, the chosen company has been fined in the past for improper payments of gifts, conference support, travel, cash and other benefits to reward or influence the purchases of AZN pharmaceuticals. They were forced to pay a $4,3 million fine in the US for this improper conduct.

But we know this is just the “cost of doing business” when billions and billions of dollars are to be made.

AstraZeneca Misconduct — 2016 

I have just been forwarded this document below by a smart investigative reader and her legal sources. To quote fro the case:

Before the

In the Matter of ASTRAZENECA PLC


…In anticipation of the institution of these proceedings, Respondent has submitted an Offer of Settlement (the “Offer”) which the Commission has determined to accept.

The proceedings arose out of violations of the internal controls and record keeping provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (the “FCPA”) by AstraZeneca and its wholly-owned subsidiaries in China and Russia. It appears aales and marketing staff, along with management designed and authorized several schemes to make improper payments of gifts, conference support, travel, cash and other benefits to health care providers — this to reward or influence their purchases of AZN pharmaceuticals, and falsely recorded these as bona fide business expenses.

These are some of the “FACTS” outlined in the case:

5. From 2007 until 2010, AZ China sales staff made numerous improper payments in cash, gifts and other items to HCPs [health care providers] as incentives to purchase or prescribe AZN pharmaceuticals…

7. In numerous instances, AZ China sales staff submitted, and managerial employees knowingly approved, fake fa piao (tax receipts) for fraudulent reimbursements to generate cash that was used to make improper payments to HCPs.

8. Other methods were also used, such as establishing bank accounts in doctors’
names as part of an improper payment scheme, or engaging a collusive travel vendor who submitted fake or inflated invoices to generate cash that could be used to funnel money to HCPs.

11. In addition, in connection with inquiries by local Chinese government officials in
2008, AZ China employees made payments in cash to the local officials to get reductions or dismissals of proposed financial sanctions against the subsidiary.

12. From at least 2005 until 2010, AZ Russia employees provided improper incentives to government-employed HCPs in connection with sales of AZN pharmaceutical products.

14. Employees at several levels of AZ Russia management directed or condoned their subordinates’ practices of providing improper benefits to government-employed HCPs, which occurred in multiple regions where AZ Russia operates.

Accordingly, it was ordered (pursuant to Section 21C of the Exchange Act) AstraZeneca PLC was to cease and desist from committing these violations, and was ordered to pay $4,325,000 (profits gained as a result of the conduct), interest of $822,000, and a civil money penalty of $375,000 to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Full Document Here

The government should have informed us of this. However, it seems the government agenda is understood by many Australians.

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