Whistleblower Erin Olszewski Explains the COVID Crimes

Editor’s Note: This is Episode 9 from a series of videos from Journeyman Pictures. They interview Erin Marie Olszewski — a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist — who has spent the last few months on the front-lines of the corona plandemic. She was in “epicenter of the epicenter” itself — the infamous Elmhurst Hospital in Donald Trump’s Queens.

She also worked in a private hospital in Florida, and so provides a unique perspective on the treatment and the deaths attributed to Covid-19.

Her accounts in Elmhurst are chilling. A totally healthy 37 year old walked in with a slightly low oxygen saturation levels and slight respiratory distress. He did not have COVID-19 but he was later drugged and intubated — put on a ventilator (around 30 min). He left in a body bag. At the end of the video she describes how she was asked to leave a patient — and twenty minutes later he was dead.

One of the only patients at Elmhurst that survived was a man that pulled out his own breathing tube.

However, in contrast, in private hospital in Florida, Erin says no one died of COVID-19 because they were treating people properly — and also using Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc.

Governor Cuomo will have to answer some questions — providing financial incentives for using ventilators, and restricting the use of Hydroxychloroquine. Worth a watch.

(Erin enlisted in the Army and was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, and was wounded there. She eventually retired as a sergeant, and became a civilian nurse in 2012 and is a medical freedom and informed consent advocate.)

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