State of Play and Danish Suing FiveG Network

by Arlyn Tombleson

5G is a weapon. Danish political party is suing Danish state for rolling out the new 5G mobile network

5G is a weapon. Why implement it in every country…simultaneously?

Mads Palsvig – chairman of a Danish political party ( ) has some serious questions and statements to make:

Why do all 220 countries roll out 5G simultaneously at the exact same time?

Why is 5G in most countries handled by the ministry of defense and not the ministry of interior? … because 5G is a weapon!

Why is a technology (directed energy weapon) that has been invented by the US military for crowd control being rolled out globally simultaneously in 220 countries?

Why is a technology that can change your DNA being implemented every 75 meters across the planet?

Who has the power to do something like this to the entire planet?

The Danish people are leading the way in holding accountable those in political power that allow this kill grid to be implemented by suing the Danish state for having planned the implementation of the new 5G mobile network throughout Denmark by the year 2020, without conducting any kind of health test in relation to the exposure of long term radiation to people, especially for the harmful effects of unborn and children as well as to our nature.

Ignoring Doctors and Researchers

The Danish state has ignored at least 244 internationally recognized doctors and researchers from more than 40 different countries, who all have documented that the 5G mobile network is proven to be harmful and in some cases deadly, especially for unborn and children. The Danish state has chosen to employ only specially selected and incompetent experts to misinform the Danish population about 5G. These experts are all tied to the telecom industry. The Danish state has not relied on impartial tests on either humans, wildlife or plants.

Rachel Santini, head of the scientist network the Danish Institute for Public Health, together with the Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications, the EHS-association, and the Danish Health Association May Day, have asked Christian F. Jensen attorney-at-law to prepare a legal opinion on the above mentioned issue. The LEGAL OPINION on whether it would be in contravention of human rights and environmental law to establish the 5G-system in Denmark final Danish version has being translated into English by Christian F. Jensen attorney-at-law (L): 5G – legal opinion in english

The Danish state is being sued for having planned the implementation of the new 5G mobile network throughout Denmark by the year 2020, without conducting any kind of health test in relation to the exposure of long term radiation to people, especially for the harmful effects of unborn and children as well as to our nature.

A Pawn in Their Game

You are just a pawn in THEIR game – that’s why they call this report “State of PLAY in Europe, USA and Asia

This is the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY from The State of Play, the 34 page report at:

“On a range of technical and other criteria, Europe compares well with other leading countries and economies in 5G development, such as the USA, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. In analysing the market and the positions of the various national players, it is helpful to classify countries and economies either as producers of 5G technology (e.g. Korea, Taiwan), consumers of 5G
technologies (e.g. Singapore), or both. Europe falls in the latter category, along with the USA, China and Japan.

…Furthermore, the key technical standards organization, ETSI/3GPP, is located in the EU and is at the centre of intelligence for
the technologies, standards and the patents on which they are based.

It is becoming clear that 5G will cost much more to deploy than previous mobile technologies (perhaps three times as much) as it is more complex and requires a denser coverage of base stations to provide the expected capacity. The European Commission has estimated that it will cost €500 billion to meet its 2025 connectivity targets, which includes 5G coverage in all urban areas.

As 5G is driven by the telecoms supply industry, and its long tail of component manufacturers, a major campaign is under way to convince governments that the economy and jobs will be strongly stimulated by 5G deployment. However, we are yet to see significant “demand-pull” that could assure sales. These campaign efforts are also aimed at the MNOs but they have limited capacity to invest in
the new technology and infrastructure as their returns from investment in 3G and 4G are still being recouped.

The notion of a “race” is part of the campaign but it is becoming clear that the technology will take much longer than earlier generations to perfect. China, for instance, sees 5G as at least a ten-year programme to become fully working and completely rolled out nationally. This is because the technologies involved with 5G are much more complex. One aspect, for example, that is not well understood today is the unpredictable propagation patterns that could result in unacceptable levels of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

The report makes four recommendations to improve the likely long-term success of 5G in the EU:

Increasing long-term R&D efforts on 5G is essential to understand multiple propagation unknowns (e.g. measuring and controlling RF EMF exposure with MIMO at mmWave frequencies).

• More detailed study of business models is needed to better define the goals, scope and revenue sources for 5G.

 • Policy for 5G networks should be based on encouraging infrastructure sharing and separation of infrastructure and services.

• Developing a lightweight regulatory framework for deployment of small area wireless access points (SAWAPs), key to the densified 5G networks envisaged, is essential for their easy rollout at the very large scale of base stations necessary”

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