Vitamin D and COVID-19 – The Video that Forced Joe Rogan to Leave YouTube

Last week the world’s number one YouTuber and talk show host Joe Rogan announced his departure from the highly censored YouTube.

Social media users look on in bewilderment as stories they share talking about Vitamin C and D are labelled ‘Fake News’ with a warning: “Against Community Guidelines”. The posts and videos are removed. Quite extraordinary. Imagine saying that to scurvy-ridden sailors back in the day? “Sorry, any claims that oranges or Vit C is good for you is against the Ship’s Community Standards. You may consume oranges, but you are not allowed to tell anyone that they are good for you”.

Dr Rhona Patrick explains (in the video below) how the majority of those who suffered from Covid-19 were Vitamin D deficient. Dark skinned people living in more Northern climes would naturally have reduced Vit D levels. So would this factor contribute to why approximately 70% of the fatalities in the New York area were African American?

Anyway, now the report from SOTT:

The real reason for his departure appears to have been his defiance of government-corporate orders to conceal from the public something uncontroversial and known for several generations until now: that Vitamin D and C are good for health and can prevent the onset of symptoms associated with communicable diseases or other injury to the organism…

Below is the interview that probably did him in. This comes on the heels of an announcement over a month ago that while he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, he would probably vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden. This is also against YouTube rules for the platforms high-ranked stars with a large social media following as influencers.

After years of building itself as a brand to ‘broadcast yourself’, the YouTube platform made an apparently suicidal move paralleling those of Facebook, to dedicate itself to promoting legacy media brands controlled by the Deep State. This entirely ignored why billions of online denizens worldwide had turned to YouTube as a source of alternative media, news and opinions.

…But in recent weeks, YouTubers have faced a slew of hits, strikes, and warnings from YouTube that they had better follow the party line on Covid-19. For reasons FRN has explained, MSM and governments have become science deniers and science suppressors, censoring expert voices from the medical community who have simply restated what only yesterday was understood by all – that Vitamin C and D are essentially immune boosters.

YouTube’s censorship backfired, with Rogan announcing a $100 million contract with Spotify, a move that increased Spotify’s worth by billions of dollars. This is what happens when companies are controlled by the deep state and place ombudsmen and bureaucratic police agent yes-men, where entrepreneurial visionaries need only apply.

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