Prof Dolores Cahill — Explosive Debunking of the Corona Narrative

Professor Dolores Cahill debunks the narrative and will open your eyes and mind into the official narrative. A must watch. She explains Vit C, D and Zinc, and how Hydroxychloroquine is used. (I recall how Youtube spokesperson said they’d be removing fake news about Vit C. Unbelievable.) She explains how lockdown is the worst thing to do — as it weakens society’s immune system.  The Prof also talks about how masks can actually weaken your immune system.

OKAY so YouTube (TheirTube) has banned it, her it is

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(Background: Professor Dolores Cahill has degree is in molecular genetics and her PhD is in immunology where she was using antibodies and making libraries to try and improve the outcomes in cancer. She also spent eight years in the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, where she led a group and developed technology that could look the specificity of antibodies and different diagnostic assays to diagnose autoimmune diseases. And, for example, with virus patients look at whether they were exposed to a virus or not. Her team back in the 90s looked at published antibodies and found that a lot of what was published was not necessarily correct. They were involved in correcting a lot of published research. Her research was quite disruptive at the time, and she quickly got awards from the German Minister for science and then was on the German Advisory Science Council, advising funding agencies the BAE and AF and still does 20 years later, and on the Advisory Science Council here for the Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation (Ireland). She was nominated to represent Ireland on the Scientific Committee for the Innovative Medicines Initiative in the European Union and since 2016 became vice chair. She was also involved in developing the meningitis B vaccine for Africa. She also worked in a class 4 bio lab. She has been working with a doctor who is advising the White House particularly on protocols for prevention and treatment such as hydroxychloroquine.)

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14 Thoughts to “Prof Dolores Cahill — Explosive Debunking of the Corona Narrative”

  1. Could the mainstream media and the government be criminally responsible for not preventing deaths — DEATHS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

    1. Christopher Brooks

      Thanks for this valuable interview Dee,
      The case to expose this COVID19 Ghost reaction is now very strong but we have the hurdle of giving this information political force.
      Now that is a frustrating experience!

    2. Cherri Bonney

      Lets make them responsible Dee

  2. […] Dolores Cahill, of Dublin College, Ireland, gave an interview on the validity of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and challenged the proposed ‘answer’ of a vaccine. […]

  3. Sue Taylor

    Hello..clearly a very important video…and thankyou
    How we labour between narratives!!
    I would really like to know what Dolores has to say about the science informing WHO.
    Because I thought we were following their assessment, and their guidelines..?
    PLEASE, PLEASE find out and let it be known..
    Because we have trotted along after their version..and she doesn’t mention WHO?????


    Can you please publish a transcript of the interview. Then we can distribute to our doctors !

  5. Dr. Halle

    VERY nice to get an “ALTERNATIVE” view of this “pandemic.” I have long suspected something was squirrelly about the “Official Narrative.”

  6. Dr. Halle

    And, even if Dr. Cahill proves to be wrong….I strongly oppose CENSORSHIP of differing scientific opinion!!!!

  7. james hand

    Because im not a doctor, I’ve no idea whos telling the truth, this lady or msm, how do I tell the difference? How can it be verified?

  8. Ian

    James if you take into account that the MSM has indisputably lied us into countless wars of aggression with faint apologies here and there for being wrong about the facts, it should not be a stretch to be at least skeptical of their narrative regarding the virus.
    I would lean towards believing a doctor of microbiology and university professor of immunology who has all to lose and little to gain over someone like Bill Gates a computer programmer who makes a 20 to 1 return on investment, on vaccines that have been documented to have maimed thousands.

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