Is the Hype about Corona a Diversion from Something Else?

by Phil Hingston [First published on GumshoeNews 30 March 2020]

Thinking logically, this worldwide lockdown of cities makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, unless……

Something else is going on. And to receive this much attention, whatever “it” is, it must be REALLY big.

Depending on which information source one listens to, the COVID-19 virus is either equivalent to, or worse than the Black Plague on the one hand, or a mere seasonal influenza virus, doing its’ annual rounds of the globe.

Which is it then? Black Plague or common cold. A naturally occurring epidemic or an engineered bio-weapon. I certainly don’t know and probably, neither do the vast majority of people currently being affected by it.

But to attempt to formulate a rational analysis of our present “lock down” situation, and the real reasons for it, it may help to isolate what IS known and indisputable. So what are the facts that we definitely know?

  1. The media has gone bat shit crazy, covering the COVID-19 “pandemic” wall to wall, 24/7, since it began. This is a strong indicator.
  2. The severity of the virus was initially touted as being catastrophic and is now being wound back by many authorities.
  3. The numbers of “infected” people are low when compared to the normal, annual numbers of cases of influenza and cold.
  4. The death rate of those who are infected appears to be miniscule when seen against the annual reports of fatalities resulting from the normal seasonal flu epidemics.
  5. The cases of infection resulting in fatalities are consistently being reported as (mostly) elderly or health-compromised people.
  6. We’re all getting pissed off about being cooped up, because what we are experiencing is unprecedented, unlike Australia’s recent bushfires).

In a nutshell, the medias’ heavy spin together with the worldwide governments’ totally coordinated over-reaction to “the virus” makes one suspect that there is indeed something much bigger afoot.

It may have little to do with a rapidly spreading super virus. The virus may be being used as cover to justify “logically” the isolation of the population for their own protection, for a short period of time, while arrests of many numbers of “Elite” are carried out.

Many have noted the abnormally large number of sealed indictments in the U.S. legal system, currently nearly 160,000. THIS is truly unprecedented. A large proportion of these indictments relate to the states of New York and California. Currently. Two US Naval hospital ships are stationed in these states, The Mercy and the Comfort, and according to the U.S. Navy, they are NOT for the reception of COVID-19 patients. Odd?

What exactly is their purpose then? Prison barges for transportation of detainees to Gitmo? This has been speculated in various circles.

So back to the lockdown, worldwide. Empty cities across the globe. London, New York, Sydney, Dublin.  Schools, theatres, concerts, sporting events, shopping malls, historical attractions, libraries, museums, airlines, cruise ships, metropolitan transport systems, shops, markets, you name it, it’s just about totally locked down.

Is this normal to combat a virus, especially one which appears to be nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not the “viral killing machine” it has been hyped as.  It just doesn’t make logical sense, unless……

I watched Derren Brown’s “Assassin” last night where he hypnotised  a person to “shoot” Stephen Fry live on stage whilst in a post-hypnotic state. Sure, it was television and he’s a performer, but the show was conducted as an experiment to ascertain whether a normally-wired, non-violent member of the public could be brain-washed to commit the crime of murder and be oblivious to their actions.

The experiment was a success, the subject pulled the trigger 3 times, and Stephen Fry (who was in on the experiment) was “murdered” by gunshot, on stage. Three academics interviewed prior insisted that it could not be done.

Fiona Barnett has elaborated on “Assassin” programming conducted by CIA psychologists. I have listened to an interview conducted some years back by John B. Wells and a middle aged, Canadian computer programmer who insists he was kidnapped in broad daylight in Toronto, and subjected to a form of MK Ultra mind control programming.

He would not elaborate on his programmed task but he appeared to know what he had been programmed to do, and was very concerned that he had absolutely no control to resist if and when he received the “trigger”. He would simply go into “automatic” mode and carry out his assigned task. The insinuation was that he was a programmed assassin. It was somewhat compelling.

MK Ultra is a real phenomenon. Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted killer of Bobby Kennedy is reputedly a programmed assassin/patsy. Many readers and contributors are aware of this. (The Gumshoenews contributor G5 has alluded to it.)

How many programmed assassins may be out there, blithely living their lives, oblivious to the deadly program implanted into their subconscious mind, simply awaiting for the day when they are “triggered” to perform their task?

Could it be hundreds or thousands, located in metropolitan cities across the globe.  Imagine if they were triggered simultaneously, worldwide. Imagine if there was a mass arrest event to detain tens of thousands of “Elite” members of these secret societies, the Deep State, The Cabal, the people who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island, who attended the Bohemian Grove in California, who were members of these “secret handshake” organisations, the people depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s movie, “Eyes Wide Shut”.

Would these elite persons not fight to the death to retain their liberty and the absolute control they have enjoyed all their lives? Then it stands to reason they would use every weapon in their arsenal to protect that which, in their minds, is rightfully theirs. Because they know no other way of life.

Perhaps the real purpose of the lockdown is to protect the general public, as much as possible, from deadly False Flag attacks, like Port Arthur, or September 11, or the London 7/7 bombing, or the Las Vegas shooting, or the Christchurch mosque shooting, or the Norwegian island shootings.

Or, for that matter,  the crash of MH-17 or the disappearance of MH370, or the bus attack on the Berlin Christmas market, or the truck attacks in Nice, or the knife attacks on the Westminster bridge in London, or………you get the point.

False flags are a common occurrence. All this drama and economic chaos couldn’t be just for a little old virus. But it could well be to limit the number of soft and juicy targets the Cabal can attack. And let’s face it, does anyone seriously think that if they could attack like the wounded animal they are, that they wouldn’t attack, and with vengeance. They’re simply not used to losing. It’s never happened before.

They thought she’d never lose.

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