Covid-19 Travel Restrictions, Flights, House Arrest and Societal Impact

by Phil Hingston  [first published on GumshoeNews 3 April 2020]

So the government has locked us down because of Covid-19, eh? To help us to “flatten the curve.” Hmm. And we have to “self-isolate” to help restrict the spread of the deadly virus. And the government is regulating the distances people must maintain between each other, (safe spaces) with over-zealous retailers marking “safe distances” between customers at check-outs and erecting queue-control barricades at normally busy shops to regulate how many customers may enter at one time.

Meantime, police hustle people from parks and beaches (so much for fresh air, sunshine and salt sea spray being healthy for us).

Non-essential businesses are shut down. Mainstream Media is reporting that hospitals world wide are inundated with desperate people seeking testing or hospitalisation because of Covid-19, except that citizen journalists world wide are reporting this to be totally bogus, from Australia to Europe and the Americas.

So what the hell is really going?

Yesterday I noted with curiosity several inbound flights originating from Asia — specifically, China (Shanghai, Guangdong), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taipei and Japan. If the Covid-19 (or whatever they call it this week) is really so deadly, and such draconian measures must be taken as to destroy the economy by virtually locking us all down in our houses for fear of being responsible for a vulnerable person contracting the virus, why aren’t the authorities restricting completely incoming passenger airplanes for a short time?

Something doesn’t add up.

I saw 10 flights coming into Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane yesterday. And another nine from Asia this morning. What’s going on?

All of the above is bad enough. But the most disturbing thing I have come across from an otherwise “normally wired” person was the response when I emailed him a couple of the Flightradar24 screenshots, posted below. It read, exact quote (probably said in jest):

I say shoot them down as they enter our airspace. Flame throwers on hand for any survivors.” 

Needless to say, I was mildly shocked (read horrified). This from a mild-mannered, retired primary school teacher, who in my 20 odd years of association, I have never heard him say a cross word about anyone. Ever!

And so I am somewhat concerned as to the societal impacts this cursed lock down may be having on various elements in our society. I now understand “cabin fever” and I suspect we are all gaining an appreciation of what it must be like for prison inmates. More concerning, reports are circulating of the increase in domestic violence in Australian communities. Admittedly, this article from “our ABC,” so grain of salt may be needed.

“Family violence perpetrators using COVID-19 as ‘a form of abuse we have not experienced before’ As a rise in family violence due to the coronavirus crisis is set to strain an already critically overstretched social support system, some abusers are reportedly using COVID-19 as a psychological weapon.”

If this pandemic is as serious as it is being made out to be, then shut down inbound flights for a couple of weeks.

If not, then stop all the bullshit and propaganda and give us a parole. Allow the world to regain its sanity, because few could argue that for the last few weeks, the world has gone batshit crazy.

Now that the skies are clear, something else becomes more obvious.

Singapore Airlines 

This morning I noticed a plane flying over Sydney. I looked the flight up — Singapore airlines.

But I noticed the “contrail,” (i.e., chemtrail). This was Flight Number SIA 285 photographed at mid morning over Sydney, Australia (3 April, 2020).

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